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What do you know about your chosen set which the other 500 applicants likely do not?


A standout pupillage application will give weight to both:

The question isn’t always the entire question.

Think: What exactly am I being asked?


Word limits are a restriction, not a target.

Use of relevant examples to demonstrate competence.

In my view, it is not a competition about who has the most examples of their “brilliance”.

What is a well deployed anecdote?

In my opinion, it is one which:


These are not merely words to fill space at the end of your application.

Draft your applications early.

This gives you time to:

It is not a question of quality vs quantity.

Finally, whilst quality is more important than quantity, the ideal situation is to have both.



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Aaron Mayers

Aaron Mayers

Pupil Barrister, Public Speaker, Writer