What should I do between now and my pupillage in 2021?

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  • Building professional skills
  • Build a connection with my chambers
  • Having fun
  • Money
  • Becoming comfortable in my home to be
  • Building good habits
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Building Professional Skills

My usual imposter syndrome and fear of complacency compelled me to ensure that my professional development would not plateau in this interim period. With that being said, I looked at the pupillage assessment criteria for my chambers and thought about ways in which I could improve upon these traits in the remaining time I had.

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Building a Connection With my Chambers

Get in contact with people from your chambers as early as possible, and get to know what life behind the scenes is really like. This will develop your mental picture of what it will be like to work there, and it will also make settling into your pupillage a lot easier if you’re spending time with people with whom you already have rapport.

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Having Fun

I used my network of recent pupils and junior barristers to ask them about how best to prepare for pupillage, and there was one answer that I heard over and over again. HAVE FUN. BOOK A HOLIDAY. SWITCH OFF AND RETURN RESET AND RECHARGED.

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Everyone will begin pupillage from different financial positions. Money is a topic that many of us do not like to be candid about. However, I’ve always believed that financial planning and discipline would see me encounter less financial hardships than I perhaps otherwise would.

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Being Comfortable in my ‘Home To Be’

My pupillage will be based in Oxford, which is not an area I was previously very familiar with. I have scheduled some time later this year to explore the area, seek out the best location in which I can live (and afford) and generally become more acquainted with the area which will soon be my home. I’ve also been in contact with some friendly junior barristers in the area, who have given me some great tips as to how best to settle in (and where to get the best takeaways after a long night of pouring over advice).

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Building Good Habits

One skill that has served me well up until this point in my career is the ability to constantly look for and implement new ways in which I can be more effective with my work. Whether its routines which start at 5am, using new productivity tools or simply the ability to use legal research tools more efficiently, I am willing to try all manner of things to see if they result in a higher level of performance and overall fulfillment.



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Aaron Mayers

Aaron Mayers

Pupil Barrister, Public Speaker, Writer